Willy Ogorzaly

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Willy Ogorzaly

Head of Decentralization for the ShapeShift DAO

FOX Foundation


Willy Ogorzaly is Head of Decentralization for the FOX Foundation, acting to help buoy the success of the newly formed ShapeShift DAO's decentralization efforts. Formerly, he was Principal Product Manager at ShapeShift, an international, non-custodial cryptocurrency leader. He is responsible for advancing product strategy, defining new features and solutions, and ensuring new products meet the needs of an evolving, innovative, and dynamic crypto and DeFi landscape. Before joining ShapeShift, Willy co-founded Bitfract, the first tool enabling trades from bitcoin into multiple cryptocurrencies in a single transaction (acquired by ShapeShift in 2018). In his free time, Willy actively contributes to Giveth, an open-source and decentralized application for donating to social impact projects.


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