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Warren Paul Anderson is CEO at Discreet Labs, which is building scalable privacy systems for web3. Discreet Labs is the leading developer of Findora, a cost-efficient scalable EVM-compatible layer-1 public blockchain with ZKP privacy. Prior to Discreet Labs, Warren led product at Ripple for 4.5 years working on the XRP Ledger, Interledger protocol, PayString protocol, RippleX, and RippleNet’s On-Demand Liquidity enterprise product. Prior to Ripple, in 2014 Warren co-founded Hedgy, one of the first DeFi platforms that used smart contracts for trading bitcoin OTC. Warren has two bachelor’s degrees from Northwestern, and did graduate studies at Harvard.


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Discreet Labs

Discreet Labs believes our digital future on web3 will be more decentralized, self-sovereign, and private. We are building the technology and systems necessary to achieve this vision. Discreet Labs combines the reliability and transparency of decentralized, public blockchains, together with the security and privacy of zero-knowledge proofs, to enable programmable privacy. Protocols, platforms, and products developed by Discreet Labs provide both the transactional privacy that institutions desire, along with the proofs of compliance that regulators require.


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