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Tim Haldorsson

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Tim first stepped into the crypto world in 2017 and has never looked back since. Now CEO of crypto and NFT marketing agency Lunar Strategy, he’s contributed to a number of respected crypto publications and is always into talking all things tech.

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10 crypto leaders on ways devs can increase the security of bridge protocols

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For effective, consistent results, enhancing the security of bridge protocols must begin with smart practices by developers. In March 2022, the developers of the Ronin bridge announced a hack in which $612 million was taken in just two fraudulent transactions. It was a blow that struck at the very foundations of crypto’s potential: If transactions between blockchains can’t be effectively secured, the industry will remain fragmented. The development of new blockchain bridges has taken off in recent years, and it’s essential for devs to take heed of the lessons from the Ronin hack. Below, 10 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss strategies devs can leverage to increase the security of bridge protocols—it’s a challenge that may take more than careful coding.

16 industry leaders on practical ways to boost crypto’s reputation

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Changing negative perceptions of the crypto industry entails a combination of education and consistent, smart SOPs. While it has staunch defenders and high-profile enthusiasts, there’s no question the crypto industry has been the subject of intense scrutiny. Many leading voices, from media figures and financial pundits to elected officials, fairly regularly publish opinions on crypto ranging from skeptical to downright hostile. And a recent spate of less-than-positive events in the crypto space isn’t helping to enhance the industry’s broader reputation. While industry leaders can’t change the past or control the actions of unscrupulous actors, they can do more to strengthen crypto’s foundation and spread the word about the space’s positive potential. Below, 16 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share practical ways industry leaders can help improve crypto’s reputation among the general public.

15 things crypto leaders should focus on as interest rates rise

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While rising interest rates can entail increased risk for the crypto industry, they may also bring new opportunities. As a new and distinctive industry, it can be easy to forget that crypto is subject to impact from overall economic conditions and market forces, just like any other sector. Crypto business leaders must pay attention to rising interest rates and pivot as necessary to both manage new risks and take advantage of possible new rewards.  From the potential downsides — like difficulties in accessing funding — to the possible silver linings — like new interest in crypto from investors looking to outpace inflation — rising interest rates will certainly bring changes to the industry. Below, 15 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss important issues crypto leaders should focus on as interest rates rise, and why.

Marketing strategies to help thrive after the bear market


Your perspective during a bear market will set you apart when the bull market reappears.

12 crypto leaders on UI upgrades that would improve the UX of Web3 projects

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Creators of Web3 projects should understand that many users are coming in with Web2-influenced expectations. Web3 may be the future, but Web3 creators must design with the present in mind and strive for a user experience that blends the familiar with the new and exciting. While industry enthusiasts are knowledgeable about the technology, terms and potential of Web3 and crypto, newcomers — even those with high interest in the industry — likely are not.  When exploring a Web3 project, if novice users encounter a user interface that’s easy, intuitive and fun to use, they’re more likely to become enthusiasts both for the project and the industry. Here, 12 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss some improvements to Web3 UIs that can improve the user experience.

How to track and amplify Web3 community engagement


When engaging with your target community, it's important to be clear about your purpose.

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Lunar Strategy

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Enabling crypto and NFT companies to reach their potential through long-term scalability, strategic partnerships, and genuine community growth.


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