Theo Gauthier

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Theo Gauthier

Founder & CEO

Toposware, Inc.


I am Theo, founder and CEO at Toposware, the first zkEcosystem, allowing developers to deploy sovereign execution layers and dApps with native interoperability and cryptographic security.


  • Mathematics
  • Distributed Systems
  • Team Player


Toposware, Inc.

Toposware’s technology paves the way for a heterogeneous ecosystem of public and private blockchain networks communicating with each other in a completely decentralized and trustless manner. Our innovations in the field of cryptography and distributed systems allow for a new class of multi-chain protocols, meaning that businesses and developers are no longer constrained by immature blockchain technology or previously intractable technical barriers. Organizations and developers can now focus on developping real solutions unlocking the true potential of a decentralized Internet. Topos's architecture does not rely on consensus to ensure consistent ordering of certificates, and as such permits a simpler, more efficient and more robust system. Additionally, message validity and authentication are enforced by a universal interface that enables seamless communication between blockchain networks. Our solution is designed such that the developer wishing to implement our technology does not need to know the details of the underlying protocol. Our software development kit works as an abstraction, allowing the developer to deploy its own custom blockchain very easily.


  • Blockchain
  • Developer Platform