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Tamara Yannay

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House of Legends NFT


Tamara Yannay is the CEO and founder of Meta Brothers, the creator of the House of Legends NFT collection. HoL has become a template for successful NFT launches – selling out its collection in 48 hours and netting $4.8 million. Tamara and her team are committed to continually provide value to HOL’s community of holders while also giving back and generating positive social change. House of Legends is currently in the process of building 80 water wells and has donated more than $150,000 USD to date.


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House of Legends NFT

House of Legends is a one-of-its-kind NFT collection of 9,993 hand-drawn artworks honoring the greatest minds of all time. Designed for web3 enthusiasts who are looking to become Metaverse leaders.