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I am a chief information officer at BH Network, a cryptocurrency launchpad and a blockchain-based freelancing marketplace. My fascination with technology began at a young age. I loved figuring out how things worked, and I have early memories of taking apart TVs and putting them back together again. I started my career with a military engineering apprenticeship and spent seven years as a military engineer. During my time in the military, I had the opportunity to travel widely. I realized that many of the challenges we face in the world can be addressed through education, and I began writing and exploring other ways to educate people. I started an SEO marketing company with a partner, which sparked my interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. My different career paths have helped me understand how systems influence the world around us. I approach all of my work with a sense of methodology and purpose.

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Three launch lessons from blockchain-based freelance marketplace TopIQs


Cointelegraph Innovation Circle member Steve Talbot, himself a former freelance internet marketer, is using blockchain to offer freelancers a more equitable marketplace.

15 ways crypto companies can be more transparent with customers

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Full transparency around transactions, projects and technologies is the only way crypto can grow as an industry.   In the midst of a bear market, the last story the crypto industry wanted to see hit the headlines was the debacle at FTX. It’s a story centered on the biggest negative perception many in the public still have of the crypto industry: that transactions regularly happen out of public view for the benefit of a handful of bad actors and at the expense of customers. Whether it’s fair or not, this negative reputation of crypto is something honest crypto leaders and companies will have to overcome, and the best way to do that is by ensuring current customers know what’s going on with the assets they’ve invested and that potential investors clearly understand the potential the industry offers. Below, 15 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss ways crypto companies can provide improved transparency for their customers.

16 industry leaders on practical ways to boost crypto’s reputation

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Changing negative perceptions of the crypto industry entails a combination of education and consistent, smart SOPs. While it has staunch defenders and high-profile enthusiasts, there’s no question the crypto industry has been the subject of intense scrutiny. Many leading voices, from media figures and financial pundits to elected officials, fairly regularly publish opinions on crypto ranging from skeptical to downright hostile. And a recent spate of less-than-positive events in the crypto space isn’t helping to enhance the industry’s broader reputation. While industry leaders can’t change the past or control the actions of unscrupulous actors, they can do more to strengthen crypto’s foundation and spread the word about the space’s positive potential. Below, 16 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share practical ways industry leaders can help improve crypto’s reputation among the general public.

15 things crypto leaders should focus on as interest rates rise

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While rising interest rates can entail increased risk for the crypto industry, they may also bring new opportunities. As a new and distinctive industry, it can be easy to forget that crypto is subject to impact from overall economic conditions and market forces, just like any other sector. Crypto business leaders must pay attention to rising interest rates and pivot as necessary to both manage new risks and take advantage of possible new rewards.  From the potential downsides — like difficulties in accessing funding — to the possible silver linings — like new interest in crypto from investors looking to outpace inflation — rising interest rates will certainly bring changes to the industry. Below, 15 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss important issues crypto leaders should focus on as interest rates rise, and why.

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BH Network and BHero

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BH Network, a startup that launched in March 2021, consists of two projects built on the MultiversX blockchain: BHero, a cryptocurrency launchpad for startups in the European Union, and TopIQs, a decentralized freelancing marketplace. BHero helps onboard retail investors and Web2 companies to the blockchain, while assisting them in raising funds and ensuring they follow all legal and KYC/AML requirements. We also offer accelerator and incubator services. Our main goal is to educate traditional companies about Web3 and empower them to benefit from blockchain technology. The two tokens and three NFT projects we have launched so far have all oversold, one NFT collection of 10,000 in a record 7 minutes. TopIQs is a freelance marketplace with a complete footprint in blockchain, designed for Web3 buyers, sellers and businesses. It aims to remove common pain points, such as high fees, long payment wait times, fraudulent chargebacks and a limited talent pool, and to give global freelancers a simple, secure way to provide their services.