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16 tips for managing the business development side of scaling

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To successfully scale, crypto and blockchain companies need to know as much about business development as they do about their technology. Founders of crypto and blockchain companies launch with a vision of bringing an innovative and impactful service to the business or consumer marketplace. And as with entrepreneurs in any industry, they have the goal of growing. With expertise in the technology and its potential, leaders of crypto and blockchain firms may be clear on the "nuts and bolts" aspects of scaling — infrastructure upgrades, interoperability, compliance and so on — but less knowledgeable about the business development side of growing a company. Crypto and blockchain companies seeking to expand will need to make multiple decisions — but first, they need to know all the questions that have to be answered. Below, 16 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share some of the factors growing companies will need to examine and offer their tips for confidently moving forward. 

16 tips to help blockchains companies refine their marketing messages

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Blockchain companies aren’t just selling themselves; they’re also selling the industry’s technology and principles as a whole.  Word about blockchain technology’s benefits has penetrated the global marketplace, so now’s the time for blockchain businesses to begin deliberately refining and sharing their marketing messages. Like other service businesses, blockchain companies have to find effective ways to explain why their service in particular is the right choice for a potential client’s unique needs. However, unlike service companies in other industries, in many cases, blockchain leaders will be marketing a service that B2B clients may be intrigued by but don’t understand well. Marketing a business always takes a lot of hustle, and blockchain technologies will likely need to blend traditional marketing methods focused on their own unique benefits with new strategies to make B2B clients outside the industry excited about what blockchain can do. Below, 16 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share tips to help blockchain companies improve their marketing strategies to attract and land potential clients.

12 things blockchain protocols should consider when exploring AI

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Blockchain protocols can’t (and shouldn’t) ignore AI’s potential, but it’s important to implement it with caution and care. Across industries, it seems all anyone is talking about is artificial intelligence. Even companies that aren’t tech-forward are scrambling to discover how AI works and what it could do for them. Given the impact AI is predicted to make, it’s hardly surprising that blockchain protocols — part of an industry that is decidedly tech-forward — are exploring what role(s) AI could play for them. From data analysis to improving scalability to fostering interoperability, AI could prove to be a powerful tool in the arsenal of blockchain protocols. Still, it’s essential to carefully review not only all the potential benefits, but also the possible complications. Below, 12 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss some of the things blockchain protocols should consider as they begin exploring AI.

13 DeFi leading practices CeFi companies would be wise to emulate

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To better meet the changing needs and demands of users, CeFi companies should take a close look at what makes DeFi companies appealing. While there are inherent strengths to be found in both centralized finance and decentralized finance companies, there are certain areas in which DeFi shines, including user empowerment, transparency and reach. While customers may be drawn to CeFi’s perceived security and strength advantages, in an increasingly digital, global economy, if CeFi companies can’t keep up with the user expectations being set by DeFi technologies and protocols, their advantages may come to count for less among younger users and markets (or even disappear altogether). To avoid a slow slide into irrelevance — and to better serve their current users — DeFi companies should take a look at the aspects of CeFi consumers find most appealing. Below, 13 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share a few of the leading DeFi practices CeFi companies would be wise to emulate.

10 industry insiders’ tips for devs who are new to blockchain coding

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If they start in the right place and leverage the many available resources, devs new to blockchain can become thriving community members. Tech developers looking for a new challenge may well be turning their attention to blockchain. The space is still fresh enough that a newcomer can get in on the ground floor of exciting new developments and take their place among industry pioneers. However, devs who are used to being “tech gurus” may hesitate at the threshold, uncertain where to begin their professional journey with blockchain. And there’s no doubt there’s important homework to be done before leaping in. Below, 10 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share some tips for curious developers who are new to blockchain coding and programming but want to join the growing professional community.

16 strategies to help crypto companies find and retain qualified talent

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As part of an untraditional industry, crypto companies may need untraditional strategies to build loyal, talented teams. Across industries, companies are struggling to find and retain talent. In highly specialized tech companies, that struggle is even more difficult and requires real tenacity. And in highly specialized tech companies in the emerging crypto space, leaders need tenacity, creativity and, possibly, a willingness to reinvent the wheel. While the “newness” of the crypto space and the technology that fuels it may currently prove an obstacle for crypto companies on the hunt for talent, its potential and vision, and its pioneers’ willingness to challenge traditional boundaries, can be a game-changing asset in attracting those looking to make a difference in a changing world. Here, 16 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share tips to help leaders of crypto and Web3 companies find the bright — and the right —  talent they’re looking for.

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