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Sharon Yip

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Fairfax, VA

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Sharon is one of the top crypto tax CPAs in the U.S. She has over 20 years of experience in public accounting and corporate. She was a former Big 4 Senior Tax Manager and she used to be a corporate tax director at a Fortune 500 company. Sharon is personally a crypto investor since 2017. She is the co-founder and CEO of Polygon Advisory Group, a public accounting firm specializes in serving high net worth investors and businesses in the crypto space. In addition to serving crypto clients, Sharon writes crypto tax articles for Bloomberg Tax and she has been interviewed by crypto news media such as CoinDesk and Besides being a tax advisors for several major global crypto tax software companies, Sharon also creates and teaches crypto DIY online courses to help crypto investors get their own crypto tax calculation done. She is also a CPE instructor specializing in teaching crypto tax related online seminars to other CPAs.

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9 tips to help crypto companies choose and succeed with a banking partner

expert panel

Before reaching out to a potential banking partner, it’s wise to know both what they can offer and what they’ll expect. Choosing the right banking partner can be a particularly tricky process for a crypto or blockchain company. While there are many options in the market, only a few will possess the experience, commitment and risk tolerance companies in a young and tech-forward industry need. And simply making a choice won’t seal the deal: Crypto and blockchain entrepreneurs must have the detailed information banks will demand at their fingertips and be ready to reciprocate the transparency they themselves expect from a financial partner. There’s a lot of homework to be done before beginning any sort of outreach, so knowing what to look for as you begin the research is a helpful head start. Below, nine members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share their advice for crypto and blockchain companies that are beginning the process of choosing a banking partner.

17 factors to consider when evaluating a potential Web3 partnership

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Proper vetting of potential Web3 partners includes looking both at traditional business fundamentals and industry-specific USPs. When considering Web3 partnerships, the background and perspective of the evaluator may lead to blind spots. Traditional companies and investors may know the business fundamentals and financial metrics to examine but be unclear on industry-specific “must-haves” such as necessary tech capabilities and a committed fan base. Industry insiders, on the other hand, may be impressed by a potential partner’s community presence and the features they promote but overlook the health of the financial and advisory foundations.    To ensure a profitable partnership that brings value to both parties and to end-users, it’s essential to examine both the big picture and the telling details. Below, 17 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share tips for companies and individuals engaged in evaluating a potential Web3 partnership.

18 industry vets share tips for launching a crypto startup in a bear market

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A bear market may not be the best of times for a crypto startup, but it’s not an insurmountable barrier, either. Launching a startup in any industry is hard. Launching during a bear market is even harder. Launching a startup in a bear market in a relatively new industry like crypto — which many investors don’t fully understand and which has had its share of recent negative headlines — brings a whole additional slate of challenges. But as many industry pioneers have proven, it’s not impossible, as long as founders follow a few smart strategies. Many of the members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle are startup founders themselves, and all are longtime industry veterans and market watchers. Here, 18 of them share their tested tips for crypto companies starting out during these volatile times.

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Polygon Advisory Group is a cutting-edge tax and accounting firm. We provide a full range of traditional tax and accounting services, and we are one of the few accounting firms currently in the market with deep expertise in cryptocurrency taxation and blockchain accounting. We specialize in serving individuals and businesses in the crypto space in all 50 states in the U.S. and globally. Our founders and key team members are all licensed CPAs and we have more than 40 years of combined tax and accounting experience. We gained extensive experience from working in both public accounting and industry. We are passionate about helping clients make sense of their unique tax situations and understand the tax implications of their personal and business decisions. We provide top-notch tax planning solutions to help our clients achieve optimal tax savings, and we help our clients choose the most advantageous business structure for their startup business. We act as our client's trusted advisors to help them take care of their business, tax, and accounting needs. We provide services to our clients virtually, leveraging cloud technology to negate the need for a central place of business. Our team members work out of their home offices in various states and around the world. We connect with each other and our clients through secured and top-rated technology platforms. We serve all types of clients, with a strong focus on individuals and small businesses. We provide services across the United States and globally.



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