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Shafin Diamond Tejani is a serial entrepreneur and investor, with a knack for spotting tech trends early and bringing the right talent together to solve real problems. As the CEO of Victory Square Technologies (VST), he’s pioneered a unique venture-build model to support startup growth — offering expertise and leadership, not just funding, to unlock value and generate revenue. VST’s current portfolio consists of 25 companies at the cutting-edge of innovation, with a focus on AI, VR/AR, blockchain and health technologies. Prior to founding VST, Shafin launched his first company, a matchmaking service called iFlurtz, out of his dorm room at the age of 19. Since then, he has gone on to launch over 40 startups in 21 different countries, employed over 350 people and generated over $1 billion in enterprise value. Outside of his entrepreneurial work, Shafin has become one of Canada’s leading advocates of venture philanthropy, with a focus on ensuring that more children and youth reach their full potential. Over the years, Shafin and his team have donated 10,000 volunteer hours and helped raise more than $88 million in support of these causes. Shafin has received numerous awards, including Inc.’s 500 Fastest Growing Companies, the Prime Minister's Volunteer Award, EY’s Technology Entrepreneur of the Year, and Canadian Angel Investor of the Year.


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Victory Square Technologies

Victory Square Technologies is a technology accelerator with over 20 innovative portfolio companies. VST has a unique process and proven track record for investing in solutions that are already required in the market rather than on an idea, Further, VST applies their management teams’ experience and expertise to grow them fast, unlocking value, and generating explosive revenues.


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