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Nimit Sawhney is the Co-Founder, CEO of Voatz, Inc, an elections platform that uses remote identity proofing, biometrics, and blockchain technology to enable end-to-end verifiable and accessible remote voting via smartphones and tablets. Voatz has run more than 115 elections in partnership with with state/county governments, towns, cities, major political parties at the state level, as well as universities, professional organizations including the first ever mobile app-based voting project in the US with the State of West Virginia in 2018. Nimit is a winner of multiple coding/security hackathon competitions including the SXSW ‘Hack to the Future’ Hackathon in 2014 and the Vantiv Challenge at the Money2020 Hackathon in 2016. Nimit’s background is in mobile security and software development, previously serving as Director of R&D at Oberthur Technologies (now IDEMIA), and prior to that, as Director of R&D at MoreMagic Solutions. Nimit holds a graduate degree from Carnegie Mellon University in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Business Management and is an alumnus of the Harvard Business School’s YALP (Young American Leaders Program) Class of 2019. In his spare time, Nimit actively participates in the development of security tools to help detect and prevent human trafficking.


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Voatz is an award winning mobile elections platform that is changing the way the world votes. Backed by cutting-edge security, biometrics and a blockchain-backed infrastructure, Voatz enables smartphone voting to increase accessibility and security in elections. Since 2016, Voatz has successfully served more than 2.2 million voters across 117 elections with several governments, major political parties, universities and non-profits. In 2018, Voatz ran the first mobile vote in US Federal Election history, and, in 2020, Voatz became the first smartphone app to be used for voting in the US Presidential Elections. Voatz is now poised for an exciting growth phase with the prospect of on-boarding millions of voters on the platform around the world and is also rolling out additional services (shareholder proxy voting, verified citizen polling, federated digital identity) in several markets.


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