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Experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the public relations and communications industry. Skilled in Entrepreneurship, Marketing Strategy, Strategy, Digital Marketing, and Social Media. Strong entrepreneurship professional with a MBA focused in Finance, Economics from Ono Academic. ReBlonde is a Tech PR agency with three divisions: Public relations, Social media and Events. Amongst our current and past clients: Waze, Intel, Spotify, Viber, JFrog and Deutsche Telekom. ReBlonde has established itself as the leading PR firm for the digital currency industry, having represented more than 300 cryptocurrency companies, including Waves, Bancor, Status.IM, Fusion, and Government of Malta.

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A PR expert’s tips for memecoin projects


The difference between winging it and hiring professionals is the difference between Pepecoin and others that never make a dent.

10 industry leaders’ tips for regulators as they start to scrutinize NFTs

expert panel

NFTs are a new asset powered by a new technology, so regulators will need to craft all-new solutions.  Many outside the crypto industry first heard of nonfungible tokens only within the last year or so, with most mainstream coverage focused on the digital artwork market. Those not in the know may well have thought NFTs would amount to nothing more than digital collectibles. However, industry pioneers grasped the full potential of NFTs, and new applications are surfacing that could impact multiple industries.  As the value of NFTs as assets is realized, regulation is sure to follow — but it won’t be as simple as applying the rules established for more traditional assets. Below, 10 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss some important facts regulators should understand as they start to scrutinize NFT markets.

10 ways communities can attract Web3 businesses to set up shop

expert panel

Attracting Web3 businesses will take a blend of traditional strategies and a commitment to helping the industry develop a firm foundation.  Local communities are always in the business of attracting businesses. A diverse foundation of companies in a region brings many things with it, including new residents, higher tax receipts, and more and better educational, recreational and health amenities. Forward-looking communities may well be looking for ways to become magnets for the next generation of tech businesses, including blockchain and crypto firms. As pioneers in the space, the members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle know exactly what the industry’s entrepreneurs are looking for. Below, they share 10 tips to help community leaders persuade Web3 businesses to open their doors in their locale.

14 Web3 marketing strategies that can increase exposure and consumer trust

expert panel

Leveraging the right blend of marketing strategies can not only raise a Web3 brand’s profile but also earn users’ trust. Web3 has its share of high-profile influencers who have opened the door to consumer and business interest in the industry. While this creates a tide that can help raise the profile of all companies in the space, eventually a Web3 brand will need to find a way to stand out and stand on its own two feet. Traditional marketing methods like thought leadership, social media outreach and working for earned media coverage can all be leveraged by Web3 companies, but it’s also wise to lean into the space’s unique strengths, including its technology and commitment to community. Below, 14 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss marketing strategies Web3 brands can use to both increase exposure and build trust among current and prospective users.

PR advice that crypto founders wish they’d heard sooner


I often tell founders that PR is a marathon, not a race. Let’s go over some key tips for founders who want to win it.

Want to fix crypto’s image with PR? Here's how we start


JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon slammed crypto tokens as “decentralized Ponzi schemes.” The truth is, many of them have been. It’s time to generate some positive PR and finally change that.

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