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Max Song

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Hong Kong

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Venture builder, Entrepreneur, Investor, and Researcher in Digital Sustainable Finance. I love problem-solving, and the thrill of thinking on my feet. Currently, I am a Venture Partner at an HK-based family office, where I conduct research into cutting-edge fields and technology, interact with companies, and look for ways to build dynamic and valuable relationships. I've been focusing my attention on defining sustainability post-Covid19, and the impending climate change crisis, as well as ways to build products and services to address climate change. I was selected as part of the first batch of Schwarzman Scholars, where I completed a master's at Tsinghua University, and wrote my thesis on US-China cross-border investment opportunities for renewable energy. In my college years, I conducted research in genetic engineering at NASA Ames, for the iGEM competition, where we won Best New Application at the World Championships. I started Brown's first startup accelerator and incubated 12 teams to maturation. I worked as a Teaching Fellow at Singularity University, co-founded by inventor Dr. Ray Kurzweil and entrepreneur Dr. Peter Diamandis. I have a passion for public speaking and interacting with interesting people. I had the chance to open the iGEM World Championships in front of 1,000 people. I have attended and held workshops at Thiel Fellowship’s 20 Under 20 Summits, and was invited to Moscow as part of the 100 Young Innovators at the Open Innovation conference. I gave a TEDx talk at Brown about a globally distributed organization we started called OneSalon - which provides intellectual, emotional, and experiential stimulation on a weekly basis and grew to 13 cities around the world. I worked for ~2 years as a professional Data Scientist -first at DARPA-funded machine learning company Ayasdi in Silicon Valley, then as a visiting DS at Snips in Paris, and then as rotated through several of Formation 8 VC's portfolio companies (Radius). I co-founded Neurocurious - an AI-based preclinical CRO that provided behavioral testing for rodents based on research at Brown. I started an educational endeavor in Shenzhen, exposing precocious high school students to the front lines of VR, AI, and entrepreneurship ( I founded a blockchain engineering consulting company, we provided training for the C-suite of Fortune 500 clients and helped Veolia build an industrial blockchain use case. I am currently CEO of - we are leveraging tech for companies and individuals preparing for the climate transition.

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11 myths that may be holding the crypto industry back

expert panel

Crypto leaders’ toughest challenge may be countering the widespread misinformation circulating about the industry. The crypto industry has proven skeptics wrong on many fronts, but myths still persist that may be keeping newcomers out. As a digital industry, crypto may intimidate those who aren’t already tech-savvy. Others may misunderstand how blockchain and crypto technologies function and struggle with trust, or worry that issues like regulation and environmental impact aren’t being seriously considered by industry insiders. There are several myths that are likely holding the industry back, and it’s up to crypto insiders and leaders to address them head-on. Here, 11 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss the misinformation about the crypto industry that’s in widespread circulation and the truth that needs to be shared.

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Sustainable Bitcoin Standard

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Our team is building the Sustainable Bitcoin Standard, a protocol that: 1) Financially rewards bitcoin miners using clean energy. 2) Creates a path for institutional investors and asset managers to put "sustainably mined" BTC on their balance sheet. 3) Achieves the above two without disrupting the fungibility of bitcoin. 4) Pioneers a new sustainability governance model that involves the world's leading climate science NGOs and academic institutions to adopt best practices. Reach out to our team or get in touch with us through email, we welcome all inquiries and discussions



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