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An expert on transformational technology, financial innovation, regulation and laws, entrepreneurship and business, Wingate argues that society’s centrally managed gatekeepers – governments, journalists, and corporations – are incapable of imposing order on the chaos of our decentralized, online existence. His talks present an alternative in which software and algorithms, rather than being a threat to our way of life, can supplement and improve these outdated institutions. Along the way, he helps people and businesses connect new models for economic success, supplanting data-controlling middlemen and giving people access to markets and audiences on their own terms. Wingate presents a vision of what he calls Social Capitalism that emphasizes transparency, objectivity, and integrity so that human beings can thrive and participate with direct benefits in what will be an evolution of creativity and collaborative innovation. Wingate is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder at BankSocial (a Fivancial, Inc. service aimed at radically evolving and transforming trusted financial institutions of the future), a Founder and President of BlockAdvocates, Inc. (a 510c3 focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency education and evangelism), a lecturer at Kings College London (Dickson School of Law), and an advisor to Blockchain and Crypto startups worldwide.


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