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Joe is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dragonchain. He has over 20 years of experience in software architecture focusing on security and scalability. He has created and led multiple technology startups since the mid 1990s. He is a visionary and thought leader in blockchain technology having led or contributed to projects in the space since 2010 at companies such as Overstock, Coinbase, Lockheed Martin, & the Walt Disney Company.

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12 factors VCs should focus on when vetting crypto and blockchain companies

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Due diligence when vetting crypto and blockchain companies comprises considering both traditional business factors and unique imperatives. Venture capitalists may be wary of the crypto and blockchain industry at the moment, and it’s not without reason. However, the highly publicized bad actions of a few shouldn’t keep VCs from spotting the real potential that well-run businesses in the sector can offer. As with investments in any industry, conducting thorough research and asking smart questions can help VCs ensure they’re backing reputable companies poised to make a positive (and profitable) impact in the market. Here, 12 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share tips for a VC who’s considering investing in a crypto and blockchain company.

17 ways to better explain blockchain projects to potential investors

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Remember that blockchain investors aren’t as interested in the journey as they are in the destination. When it comes to the blockchain space, entrepreneurs and potential investors can both end up stumbling over the underlying technology. While industry insiders are clear on, and often passionate about, how blockchain works, investors are more interested in what it can achieve.  If either side gets bogged down in technical details, it’s unlikely an investor will be able to grasp the impact and potential ROI of investing in a blockchain project. Here, 17 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share ways blockchain companies can better explain blockchain projects to, and earn the confidence of, potential investors.

15 ways crypto companies can be more transparent with customers

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Full transparency around transactions, projects and technologies is the only way crypto can grow as an industry.   In the midst of a bear market, the last story the crypto industry wanted to see hit the headlines was the debacle at FTX. It’s a story centered on the biggest negative perception many in the public still have of the crypto industry: that transactions regularly happen out of public view for the benefit of a handful of bad actors and at the expense of customers. Whether it’s fair or not, this negative reputation of crypto is something honest crypto leaders and companies will have to overcome, and the best way to do that is by ensuring current customers know what’s going on with the assets they’ve invested and that potential investors clearly understand the potential the industry offers. Below, 15 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss ways crypto companies can provide improved transparency for their customers.

16 industry leaders on practical ways to boost crypto’s reputation

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Changing negative perceptions of the crypto industry entails a combination of education and consistent, smart SOPs. While it has staunch defenders and high-profile enthusiasts, there’s no question the crypto industry has been the subject of intense scrutiny. Many leading voices, from media figures and financial pundits to elected officials, fairly regularly publish opinions on crypto ranging from skeptical to downright hostile. And a recent spate of less-than-positive events in the crypto space isn’t helping to enhance the industry’s broader reputation. While industry leaders can’t change the past or control the actions of unscrupulous actors, they can do more to strengthen crypto’s foundation and spread the word about the space’s positive potential. Below, 16 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share practical ways industry leaders can help improve crypto’s reputation among the general public.

9 industry leaders on ways to address crypto’s naysayers

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Ignoring the concerns of crypto skeptics isn’t an option, but educating them requires careful thought and smart strategies. No matter how enthusiastic crypto pioneers are about the industry and its potential, there’s no denying that crypto has something of an image problem. Skeptics point to a variety of factors — the current lack of regulation, the historic volatility of crypto coins, the environmental impact of the industry’s heavy use of technology and more — as reasons newcomers should steer clear of crypto (at least for now). Crypto leaders acknowledge the industry’s growing pains, and they regularly assert their commitment to addressing issues such as regulation and environmental impact. And they realize that, even though they may be frustrating, skeptics’ concerns are worth addressing directly, because as they learn more, skeptics often become converts. Here, nine members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss persuasive ways to address the questions and misconceptions of crypto’s naysayers.

10 industry leaders’ tips to help crypto marketers ‘level up’

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Building momentum in a crypto marketing role can only come through a deep understanding of the space. Becoming a successful marketing pro with a focus on a new industry is challenging. When that industry is built on new technology and revolutionary ideas about how that technology can transform the ways we do business, the challenge rises to a whole new level. The crypto industry faces something of a PR headwind, as many traditional media sources and consumers don’t understand the underlying technology or its full potential. Finding success as a crypto marketer means equipping yourself with the experience and knowledge to educate and inspire the next generation of crypto enthusiasts. Below, 10 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share their tips to help aspiring crypto marketers “level up.”

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Dragonchain is the most flexible platform for hybrid blockchain solutions. Dragonchain is used by enterprises and developers to build blockchain applications, and connect their logic with distributed ledger technology. Benefits include increased automation, provide trust and proof, maintain transparency, enable chain of custody, and ensure privacy, with unparalleled security.



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