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Jason Fernandes is an entrepreneur, investor and advisor in the Web3 space. Fernandes has spent years evaluating token-based investments, first as an analyst and regular guest on the Crypto Now show and then later as an investor and tokenomics expert evaluating tokens, their teams and closing over 200 institutional investments in early stage Web3 companies for a portfolio company publicly listed in Canada and Germany. A member of Cointelegraph’s “Innovation Circle”, Fernandes is frequently quoted in industry outlets like Cointelegraph., and others for his views on token architecture and Web3 investing. As a teenager, Fernandes founded internet portal and non-profit LDKids. While in college he co-founded (earning a patent for the world’s first internet-based DVR); and PerceptiveI, a company that developed patented ECRM software for Fortune 500 Clients. Fernandes was the first speaker at TEDx Panaji in 2017, and has been featured speaker at events hosted by the Computer Society of India, Indian Blockchain Congress , NextBlock Conference(Thailand). Goa Chamber of Commerce, BITs Pilani University, Bitcoin SV, Singularity University and various other Fintech events worldwide. In 2019, Fernandes was conferred with the Karmaveer Chakra, a United Nations global civilian award for his work promoting social and financial inclusion through blockchain technology. He’s also received first place awards at the Malta Blockchain Summit and the Seaside Startup Summit In 2018, on behalf of AEToken and FUNL Corp, respectively. He’s also the recipient of the U.N. conferred Karmaveer Chakra Award, Startup@Singapore Award, the First National Technopreneurship competition Award(Singapore), Childnet International Award (UK) and the "Best Business Plan" award from Sybase at the Global Entrepreneurs Challenge at Stanford University, California. He’s also been featured in international outlets like Entrepreneur, BBC, LA Times, Associated Press , MTV, Channel NewsAsia, Bloxlive.TV and national outlets like India Today, ZeeTV and the Times of India. In October 2022, Fernandes has also been profiled on the cover of Goan Tycoon magazine and was the subject of a 17-minute documentary style show airing on Bloxlive TV (24hr Blockchain Channel) and covering highlights from his entire career

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9 Lessons DeFi Companies Would Be Wise To Learn From CeFi Companies

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While DeFi may be the wave of the future, the industry can still learn smart practices from leading CeFi companies. Pioneers and insiders of the decentralized finance industry strongly believe they are the vanguard of a new and better way to handle financial transactions. Still, it doesn’t mean they have nothing to learn from centralized finance companies. While CeFi has the advantage of more familiarity and a long history, those aren’t the only reasons it can still outperform DeFi when it comes to attracting new users. It’s not a disservice (or disloyalty) to DeFi for its leaders to look closely at what users rely on and value in CeFi services. Below, nine members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss lessons DeFi companies would be wise to learn from CeFi companies, and how doing so could boost their chances of success.

9 tips to help crypto companies choose and succeed with a banking partner

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Before reaching out to a potential banking partner, it’s wise to know both what they can offer and what they’ll expect. Choosing the right banking partner can be a particularly tricky process for a crypto or blockchain company. While there are many options in the market, only a few will possess the experience, commitment and risk tolerance companies in a young and tech-forward industry need. And simply making a choice won’t seal the deal: Crypto and blockchain entrepreneurs must have the detailed information banks will demand at their fingertips and be ready to reciprocate the transparency they themselves expect from a financial partner. There’s a lot of homework to be done before beginning any sort of outreach, so knowing what to look for as you begin the research is a helpful head start. Below, nine members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share their advice for crypto and blockchain companies that are beginning the process of choosing a banking partner.

17 factors to consider when evaluating a potential Web3 partnership

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Proper vetting of potential Web3 partners includes looking both at traditional business fundamentals and industry-specific USPs. When considering Web3 partnerships, the background and perspective of the evaluator may lead to blind spots. Traditional companies and investors may know the business fundamentals and financial metrics to examine but be unclear on industry-specific “must-haves” such as necessary tech capabilities and a committed fan base. Industry insiders, on the other hand, may be impressed by a potential partner’s community presence and the features they promote but overlook the health of the financial and advisory foundations.    To ensure a profitable partnership that brings value to both parties and to end-users, it’s essential to examine both the big picture and the telling details. Below, 17 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share tips for companies and individuals engaged in evaluating a potential Web3 partnership.

17 ways to better explain blockchain projects to potential investors

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Remember that blockchain investors aren’t as interested in the journey as they are in the destination. When it comes to the blockchain space, entrepreneurs and potential investors can both end up stumbling over the underlying technology. While industry insiders are clear on, and often passionate about, how blockchain works, investors are more interested in what it can achieve.  If either side gets bogged down in technical details, it’s unlikely an investor will be able to grasp the impact and potential ROI of investing in a blockchain project. Here, 17 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share ways blockchain companies can better explain blockchain projects to, and earn the confidence of, potential investors.

18 industry vets share tips for launching a crypto startup in a bear market

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A bear market may not be the best of times for a crypto startup, but it’s not an insurmountable barrier, either. Launching a startup in any industry is hard. Launching during a bear market is even harder. Launching a startup in a bear market in a relatively new industry like crypto — which many investors don’t fully understand and which has had its share of recent negative headlines — brings a whole additional slate of challenges. But as many industry pioneers have proven, it’s not impossible, as long as founders follow a few smart strategies. Many of the members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle are startup founders themselves, and all are longtime industry veterans and market watchers. Here, 18 of them share their tested tips for crypto companies starting out during these volatile times.

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