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Lead developer of Syscoin and President of Syscoin Foundation Expert in blockchain technical and fundamental business practices leveraging technology pertaining to scalability and system interoperability. Some things that I have worked on in the passed few years: - Protocol level consensus, game theory incentives and technical solutions to scaling (ZDAG) and interoperability in blockchains (SysEthereum Bridge) - Digital Identity solutions. Onchain solutions as well as DID W3C spec. - Decentralized/centralized marketplaces, e-commerce integrations, payment plugins - Research and development related to scaling payments for financial services for digital economies - Privacy preserving technologies related to all of above - Layer 1 data availability for censorship resistance purposes to a rollup centric blockchain - Both UTXO and EVM type chains, integrate both into Syscoin in dual chain architecture w/ protocol-based bridge between the two to migrate base layer tokens Have been in the industry since 2013, mostly of the mind that PoW security cannot be replaced and all other consensus systems are security and trust model subsets. Zero-knowledge proofs (zkSNARKS, zkSTARKS and all of the variants) are kind of a holy grail that we need to understand better but will let us apply some silver bullet type magic to solve a lot of problems in the computer science space in general but mostly related to reducing economic incentive models which are laden with edge-case attack vectors. - Cross-chain bridges are inherently broken, the closest thing we can do is a zk-based solution securing deposits via recursive zk-proof between participating chains that offer finality. - MPC (multi-party computation) Some current objective's I am involved with currently, would love to connect to people in these new areas of research: - ZKRollups w/ L1 pruned data availability. Solved: Implemented PoDA (https://jsidhu.medium.com/blockchain-idealisms-b61c5781ddc3) - Multi asset Lightning Payment channels via solving the American Call option problem as described here: https://github.com/lightningnetwork/lightning-rfc/pull/72#issuecomment-613736569 - Compliant on-chain transactions for crypto assets, spec as implemented: https://github.com/syscoin/sips/blob/master/sip-0002.mediawiki, web3 compliant solution WIP


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Syscoin combines the security of Bitcoin with the flexibility of Ethereum, and elevates all of this to true scalability with ZK and optimistic rollups.


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