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11 things the United States can learn from other nations’ crypto regulations

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The United States doesn’t have to start from scratch when it comes to developing effective laws and guidelines for crypto. While the U.S. has long been known as a center of innovation and new technology, the nation’s regulatory bodies don’t seem to know quite what to make of the crypto industry. The U.S. is lagging behind countries in Europe and Asia in establishing crypto regulations, and it’s not because the industry is broadly resistant. Indeed, crypto insiders would welcome — are asking for — clear and consistent guidelines. Still, one of the benefits of being late to the party is being able to learn from what’s working in the regions that have forged ahead. Below, 11 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss a few of the most important things U.S. regulators can learn from actions taken in other countries as they begin to establish laws and guidelines for crypto.

9 Lessons DeFi Companies Would Be Wise To Learn From CeFi Companies

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While DeFi may be the wave of the future, the industry can still learn smart practices from leading CeFi companies. Pioneers and insiders of the decentralized finance industry strongly believe they are the vanguard of a new and better way to handle financial transactions. Still, it doesn’t mean they have nothing to learn from centralized finance companies. While CeFi has the advantage of more familiarity and a long history, those aren’t the only reasons it can still outperform DeFi when it comes to attracting new users. It’s not a disservice (or disloyalty) to DeFi for its leaders to look closely at what users rely on and value in CeFi services. Below, nine members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss lessons DeFi companies would be wise to learn from CeFi companies, and how doing so could boost their chances of success.

18 industry vets share tips for launching a crypto startup in a bear market

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A bear market may not be the best of times for a crypto startup, but it’s not an insurmountable barrier, either. Launching a startup in any industry is hard. Launching during a bear market is even harder. Launching a startup in a bear market in a relatively new industry like crypto — which many investors don’t fully understand and which has had its share of recent negative headlines — brings a whole additional slate of challenges. But as many industry pioneers have proven, it’s not impossible, as long as founders follow a few smart strategies. Many of the members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle are startup founders themselves, and all are longtime industry veterans and market watchers. Here, 18 of them share their tested tips for crypto companies starting out during these volatile times.

Bitcoin: What does it mean today and what is its value?


In short, Bitcoin has become much more than its original intent in Satoshi's 2008 whitepaper.

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