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Herwig Konings

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Born in Belgium, Jersey raised, Miami based. Herwig is a graduate of the University of Miami and has a passion for growing Fintech businesses, including pioneering the security token industry.

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Investing in startups is easier with Web3


This just touches the surface of what is possible for the archaic world of investing, bringing it into a new digital world with Web3 technology.  

13 things regulators should know when considering and crafting crypto regulations

expert panel

Crypto is a new frontier, and before taking steps, regulators need to learn its nuances, not just rely on historic precedents. What may be coming in terms of industry regulation is a common concern and area of speculation among crypto insiders. As regulators steadily prepare for crypto’s growth, they may be struggling with confusion around its new and varied assets, or they may be wondering if there are aspects of the underlying technology that must also be addressed. As the people who best understand the industry, its technology and its unique assets, crypto leaders need to ensure their input is heard by global regulatory agencies. Here, 13 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share important things regulators should keep in mind when reviewing crypto as an asset class.

8 industry leaders’ tips for entrepreneurs considering crypto for funding

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Potential investors in the crypto community are looking for many of the same assurances as traditional investors. Talk about the pros and cons and how-tos of investing in crypto has been circulating in the business community for some time now, but what happens when business leaders seek to reverse the process? Some entrepreneurs may think about tapping into the crypto community to fund their business ventures through nonfungible tokens or direct investment. Because of their reputation for being more open to new ideas and technologies, crypto insiders may seem like they’d be easier to persuade to help launch a new endeavor. And with the less-established regulatory structure of this young industry, entrepreneurs may hope there will be fewer legal hoops to jump through.  In reality, crypto enthusiasts are just as concerned with finding genuinely marketable, ethical investment opportunities as anyone else, and the industry does have current and incoming regulations that need to be met. Below, eight members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share their advice for business leaders looking into the blockchain and crypto ecosystem for alternative funding.

13 crypto trends industry leaders are watching in 2022

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From new financial solutions to community development through NFTs to gaming, crypto is set to make a splash in the months ahead. Crypto may not have intentionally been flying under the radar for the last few years, but many average consumers had little to no experience with or understanding of the industry. In recent months, though, crypto has hit the headlines, and a worldwide audience is coming to understand that there’s more to the industry than Bitcoin.  With new players ranging from global corporations to gamers jumping into the space, crypto is going to see both evolution and new developments in the months ahead. Here, 13 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss the trends they see coming in 2022. 

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Security Token Group is an organization dedicated to helping Enterprises, Asset Managers, Fund Directors, Investors, and Financial Institutions in leveraging the benefits of Security Tokens through consulting, media and data services, and tokenized fund products.


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