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I am a digital & blockchain pioneer and entrepreneur. At core, a branding, marketing & growth expert with 25 years experience building brands and businesses around emerging technologies. In 2013, I co-founded one of the first blockchain start-ups in Switzerland. I got lost in and fell in love with the blockchain rabbit hole. Since 2018, as Co-Founder & Chief Relevance Officer of THE RELEVANCE HOUSE, our focus has been on helping over 50 different Web3 companies and projects translate their vision into a proper brand, create measurable impact with their investment and build enduring value through method & science based world-class strategic and creative branding, marketing, storytelling and communication efforts. Besides this focus, I am a passionate public speaker, lecturer and author, on a wide range of topics related to the love story between technology & humanity.


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May 26th, 2023

Fortune favors the brand: Why crypto marketing fails to live up to hype

Your brand establishes a bond. Without that bond, your customer base will simply erode more easily.

May 9th, 2023

12 factors VCs should focus on when vetting crypto and blockchain companies

Due diligence when vetting crypto and blockchain companies comprises considering both traditional business factors and unique imperatives.



THE RELEVANCE HOUSE is a Swiss-based branding and marketing agency specialized in blockchain and Web3. We offer a unique combination of Web3 and strategic marketing expertise, to ensure that your message doesn’t get lost in this noisy market. You deliver a product; but your target buys into a brand. And most blockchain businesses underestimate the importance of consciously, strategically and intentionally building their brand. You can’t afford to keep doing the same old marketing without knowing that it’s telling the right story. Your brand is a real asset, so make sure that your marketing spend is adding to that value – not just to your costs. That’s why you need us as your partner. We have been working at the interface of branding in blockchain for over half a decade, partnering with over 50 clients. Our knowledge and experience spans every major area of this space, from layer-1 protocols, trading, and custody, to metaverse projects and NFT platforms. We use a proprietary methodology, grounded in science, to draw out the essence of the brand and create a strong and relevant brand proposition. With this in hand, we have the clarity and confidence to create, plan and execute highly targeted communications that generate measurable, sustainable impact. Less sizzle; more substance. That’s how we build brands to last. This is our home. This is what we love to do.


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