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Gabe Frank

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Gabe Frank is CEO of Arcade, the most sophisticated DeFi NFT lending infrastructure. A third-generation pawnbroker, Gabe helped run the family business of 9 storefronts under the name Benny’s Pawn, founded in 1947 and eventually acquired in 2016. Through this real-world experience Gabe learned the importance of collateralized loans against physical assets and developed and ran an online sub-prime loan portfolio. An early NFT enthusiast and DeFi advocate, Gabe brings expertise from consumer and traditional financial markets to Arcade, having previously supported BitGo growing their digital asset custody (AUC) to over $1B and assisted BitGo Prime in building an institutional lending book to over $150m. Later, Gabe joined Curv where he introduced the first-of-its-kind institutional Metamask product built for DeFi hedge funds and fintechs.


  • Financial Modeling
  • Financial Analysis
  • Valuation


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Arcade is the leading DeFi marketplace & infrastructure for loans backed by NFT collateral, where lenders and borrowers come together to turn idle holdings into liquid assets. Bridging the gap between the traditional art market and a new digital asset class, Arcade independently appraises, validates, and curates NFT collections for institutions, DAOs, and high-net-worth collectors. Lenders gain access to a new source of yield, and borrowers gain insight into the true value of their assets. Asset owners retain all rights and access to collateral on Arcade and the platform is completely self-custody. As an open-source DeFi primitive, Arcade also enables developers to build on top of the platform, supporting the open financialization of this new asset class.


Decentralized Finance