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Serial entrepreneur, Investor, early crypto enthusiast. Building Socialise to Earn web3 community called Popspot #mayc #9558 and #26796 wow #1622 speaker #NFTNYC2022


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November 8th, 2022

12 crypto leaders on UI upgrades that would improve the UX of Web3 projects

Creators of Web3 projects should understand that many users are coming in with Web2-influenced expectations.


OÜ Popspot

In PopSpot we are working to empower social equality by creating community platform with Socialize to Earn model. PopSpot is a decentralised social media platform owned by it's users. All users get paid to share and comments while creators can monetise their content, sell merch, and create NFTs all on one platform. It's the gateway to blockchain for everyday internet user. Creators have their private paid community of superfans to focus on and earn a steady income as an artist. Fans can earn by performing positive actions and being a superfan. We're building the social media platform that pays users for their engagement. Within 6 months we have signed up 700+ Creators from Europe, Africa and India. Together we can give equal opportunities to heir 100M followers.


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