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Serial entrepreneur, Investor, early crypto enthusiast. Building Socialise to Earn web3 community called Popspot #mayc #9558 and #26796 wow #1622 speaker #NFTNYC2022

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9 crypto leaders share advice for proof-of-humanity solution builders

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Respect for users’ personal privacy must be top of mind when developing proof-of-humanity identity solutions. Trust is in shorter supply in the digital world these days. As artificial intelligence evolves and produces more “humanlike” and realistic results, users of digital services are increasingly concerned with knowing who and/or what, precisely, they’re interacting with. With a commitment to decentralization and broad access, the crypto industry in particular needs proof-of-humanity solutions to avoid issues like fake accounts and automated bots — and, of course, to comply with Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering regulations. The crypto industry is nothing if not innovative, and proof-of-humanity solutions that leverage verified video registries, social connections and biometric identification are among those in the works. But user privacy and control are a cornerstone of the crypto philosophy, so it’s essential that developers demonstrate a commitment to these principles. Below, nine members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share their advice and ideas to help developers of proof-of-humanity solutions preserve the privacy of personal information.

16 tips for managing the business development side of scaling

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To successfully scale, crypto and blockchain companies need to know as much about business development as they do about their technology. Founders of crypto and blockchain companies launch with a vision of bringing an innovative and impactful service to the business or consumer marketplace. And as with entrepreneurs in any industry, they have the goal of growing. With expertise in the technology and its potential, leaders of crypto and blockchain firms may be clear on the "nuts and bolts" aspects of scaling — infrastructure upgrades, interoperability, compliance and so on — but less knowledgeable about the business development side of growing a company. Crypto and blockchain companies seeking to expand will need to make multiple decisions — but first, they need to know all the questions that have to be answered. Below, 16 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share some of the factors growing companies will need to examine and offer their tips for confidently moving forward. 

12 things blockchain protocols should consider when exploring AI

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Blockchain protocols can’t (and shouldn’t) ignore AI’s potential, but it’s important to implement it with caution and care. Across industries, it seems all anyone is talking about is artificial intelligence. Even companies that aren’t tech-forward are scrambling to discover how AI works and what it could do for them. Given the impact AI is predicted to make, it’s hardly surprising that blockchain protocols — part of an industry that is decidedly tech-forward — are exploring what role(s) AI could play for them. From data analysis to improving scalability to fostering interoperability, AI could prove to be a powerful tool in the arsenal of blockchain protocols. Still, it’s essential to carefully review not only all the potential benefits, but also the possible complications. Below, 12 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss some of the things blockchain protocols should consider as they begin exploring AI.

10 tips for blockchain-based data providers seeking to scale

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Blockchain-based data providers are faced with a golden opportunity — if they’re able to scale their infrastructure to handle the demand. Each year, the amount of data generated across the globe is growing exponentially. From the explosion in the use of digital tools in the workplace to the ever-growing use of Internet of Things devices, social media, online gaming, e-commerce and other digital platforms, each day sees the creation of a massive amount of data that needs to be stored securely and efficiently.  Blockchain technology provides a decentralized, immutable, secure solution, making it an ideal option for multiple industries. But first, blockchain-based data providers need to prove they can scale to meet the exploding demand. By leveraging smart partnerships and building new solutions that are compatible with what’s already in the market (and familiar), the blockchain industry can lead the way in addressing an issue in genuine need of a solution. Below, 10 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share tips to help blockchain-based data providers scale to meet the ever-growing demands of the broader data storage space.

11 industry leaders discuss effective ways to ensure compliant staking

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Staking protocols are subject to evolving and varying regulations, so be prepared to monitor and meet new legal requirements.  As even late-night talk show hosts begin to weigh in on events in the crypto industry, it’s clear the public is increasingly paying attention to both the potential and challenges of investing in crypto. Of even more immediate concern to crypto companies, though, are the questions around the type and number of legislative guardrails lawmakers will inevitably impose. As regulators start to eye staking protocols, companies must ensure they engage in the ongoing work of ensuring that their staking is compliant. Below, 11 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss effective ways for companies to ensure compliant staking as the industry continues to evolve.

12 ways ecosystem projects can attract more developers

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There are multiple strategies to help crypto ecosystems create a welcoming environment for developers.  The ecosystem concept is unique to (and uniquely suited to) the crypto industry. These synergistic communities offer a network where participants can benefit from each other’s work and progress while building an ever-stronger foundation. A recent study found there were more than 18,000 active Web3 developers and pinpointed the ecosystems having the most success attracting new developers. So what do ecosystem projects need to do to achieve similar success to these top performers? According to the industry experts of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle, it’s essential to be cognizant of what developers are really looking for in an ecosystem. Below, 12 of them share strategies ecosystem projects can leverage to attract more developers.

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OÜ Popspot

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In PopSpot we are working to empower social equality by creating community platform with Socialize to Earn model. PopSpot is a decentralised social media platform owned by it's users. All users get paid to share and comments while creators can monetise their content, sell merch, and create NFTs all on one platform. It's the gateway to blockchain for everyday internet user. Creators have their private paid community of superfans to focus on and earn a steady income as an artist. Fans can earn by performing positive actions and being a superfan. We're building the social media platform that pays users for their engagement. Within 6 months we have signed up 700+ Creators from Europe, Africa and India. Together we can give equal opportunities to heir 100M followers.


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