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12 factors businesses should consider before accepting crypto payments

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Pioneering a new way of doing business always comes with both risks and rewards, and adopting crypto payments is no different.  Business owners who are crypto enthusiasts or who simply have an innovative mindset may be considering allowing their customers to pay for their goods or services in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. While in some ways this could simplify transactions (particularly international ones), crypto transactions are still very new to most consumers, and they come with unique benefits and risks. Before jumping into crypto transactions with your business, it’s essential to think through all the ramifications first so your decision nets the results you’re hoping for. Below, 12 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share advice for businesses considering accepting crypto for payments.

15 ways the DeFi industry can build credibility and garner more adoption

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To garner more adoption, the DeFi industry must proactively address both actual and perceived barriers to entry.  Decentralized finance has the potential to bring revolutionary ease and security to financial transactions through the use of blockchain technology. And with its ability to introduce a unified, standardized system across the globe, DeFi can open up new financial opportunities to those who may not have had them before. As with much of the crypto industry, however, DeFi struggles with both prevailing ignorance of its structure and capabilities, as well as widespread skepticism about its trustworthiness and scope. Below, 15 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share ways DeFi pioneers can help build the industry’s credibility and reach.

Building a Web3 ethos inside a Web2 company


I want to share some insights from this journey that other Web2 companies might learn from as they explore a transition to a Web3 future.

13 strategic advantages leveraging crypto brings to business leaders

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Crypto’s tools and methods can improve many business functions, from tightening transactions to building a loyal community. It’s easy for outsiders looking at the crypto industry to get all tied up in the tech lingo, but crypto pioneers will tell you there’s much more to the industry than its cutting-edge tech tools. For industry leaders, crypto’s central goal of building communities is as (or more) important as the innovations tech tools like blockchain bring. Crypto leaders are not only enthusiastic about the ways industry technology can smooth and tighten business transactions, but they’re also proud of the intrinsic ways that not only they, but also their followers, can be rewarded. Below, 13 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share some of the significant strategic advantages business leaders can realize through crypto.

12 ways brands can leverage NFTs to better engage customers

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There’s more than financial profit in using NFTs to build a brand. Companies paying close attention to high-profile nonfungible token projects by celebrities, sports teams and companies may have been impressed by the initiatives, but unclear on how NFTs can generate more than just a little extra revenue. While many leaders in the space don’t discount the direct impact to profit a successful NFT launch can have, they’re much more excited by how NFTs can build up a brand’s identity, community and customer loyalty. So how, specifically, can brands leverage NFTs to better engage customers? There are many ways, several of them detailed below by members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle.

11 barriers to broader investment in crypto

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Crypto comes with many unknowns, and it’s essential to find ways to help those new to the space.Launching a new business in any industry is a challenge, but in a new space like crypto, the unknowns can be particularly daunting. There has been a lot of digital ink spilled about the industry in recent months, but with much of it geared toward insiders, newcomers may be feeling lost.Top that with the scramble for talent that’s happening across industries, and jumping into crypto may seem impossible for someone who has enthusiasm, but lacks the tech expertise. Pinning down what’s keeping newcomers out, and working together on solutions, is a vital role for those already winning in the industry. Below, 11 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share the barriers they’ve observed and potential solutions.

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