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A female entrepreneur who is passionate about Web3/ NFTs. Founder & CEO of Mintology, building the next generation of commerce leveraging NFTs. 15years of E-Commerce ,Digital Marketing and branding experience in corporates including IPG, Lane Crawford Joyce Group. Has also been involved in crypto investment personally since 2017.


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March 2nd, 2023

7 crypto leaders discuss ways to combat the stigma surrounding NFTs

To successfully “rebrand” NFTs in the mainstream public consciousness, companies need to double down on utility instead of hype.  



Mintology provides IRL brand benefits to your NFTs. Premium brands can launch marketing campaigns, perks and exclusive products on the platform. NFT users can redeem special rewards, mint branded NFTs, and buy exclusive products from brands. Mintology connects web2 commerce to web3 communities. We are a passionate team with 30 years experience in e-commerce, brand management and digital marketing such as IPG Mediabrands, Tencent, Lane Crawford Joyce Group, Forever 21 and more. We are also web3 adopters who have been in the space since 2017. We have experience in launching and running NFT projects since 2021. We are planning on an official launch in Q4 2022 and we are looking for brand launch partners as well as NFT project partners.


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