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Senior Strategist & Project Manager at Nightshift Agency. Founder of Rhythm Web3 Consulting.

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16 things Web3 creators need to remember during a bear market

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No industry’s immune to the effects of a bear market, and Web3 creators must adapt to weather the evolving economic conditions. After several years of a bull market, entrepreneurs across industries — including many Web3 creators — are facing sustained bearish market conditions for the first time. While it’s important not to panic, Web3 creators can’t ignore or hide from prevailing economic conditions if they hope to survive until an upturn. There are smart strategies that can see those in the Web3 community through current conditions — often refocusing on the fundamentals is a place to start. Here, 16 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share important things Web3 creators should focus on during a bear market, and why.

8 industry leaders’ tips for entrepreneurs considering crypto for funding

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Potential investors in the crypto community are looking for many of the same assurances as traditional investors. Talk about the pros and cons and how-tos of investing in crypto has been circulating in the business community for some time now, but what happens when business leaders seek to reverse the process? Some entrepreneurs may think about tapping into the crypto community to fund their business ventures through nonfungible tokens or direct investment. Because of their reputation for being more open to new ideas and technologies, crypto insiders may seem like they’d be easier to persuade to help launch a new endeavor. And with the less-established regulatory structure of this young industry, entrepreneurs may hope there will be fewer legal hoops to jump through.  In reality, crypto enthusiasts are just as concerned with finding genuinely marketable, ethical investment opportunities as anyone else, and the industry does have current and incoming regulations that need to be met. Below, eight members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share their advice for business leaders looking into the blockchain and crypto ecosystem for alternative funding.

14 reasons crypto can intimidate entrepreneurs

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Better education and expanded support services could draw those hesitating on the sidelines into the crypto industry.When it comes to expansion, the crypto industry isn’t necessarily suffering from a lack of interest. Crypto’s freedom and potential offer a lot of appeal to entrepreneurs. But even those who are natural risk-takers may hesitate in the face of the nebulous nature of crypto, which lacks the regulatory guide rails, long-established professional groups and educational establishment of traditional industries.Pinpointing crypto’s needs and helping newcomers find the direction they’re looking for is a task best tackled by those who have already established a footprint in the industry. Here, 14 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss the issues that may be keeping newcomers to the industry from jumping in, as well as what can be done about it.

10 crypto leaders on what they look for in a new industry connection

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What they know, who they’ve worked with and why they’re in the industry are all important factors when vetting a new crypto connection.Crypto may be a newer, smaller industry, but it has its fair share of visionaries — and bad actors. It’s an exciting time to make new connections in crypto as the space opens up and a variety of new projects are launched to explore the industry’s potential. Still, it’s essential to not allow enthusiasm to trump common sense and careful vetting when deciding whether to connect with someone, whether that’s a new partner, team member, entrepreneur or investor.Crypto’s pioneers have developed a keen sense of what to look for — and what to avoid — when it comes to new industry connections. Below, 10 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle talk about both the positives and negatives they watch for when they’re approached by a potential new crypto connection.

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