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Brad Spannbauer

CEO & FounderCurrency Hub

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Brad brings more than twenty years of technology expertise to the role of CEO at Currency Hub. He is a product development expert and a compliance/AML guru. Member of the Board of Directors, FIO Foundation.

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8 smart strategies for effectively explaining a blockchain scaling solution

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Non-experts are much more likely to grasp the value of a scaling solution if it’s related to something they already understand.   Blockchain technology can be difficult for the average layperson to understand, and when “layers” are added to the concept — as with blockchain scaling — it can be even more confusing. Companies working on blockchain scaling solutions are led and staffed by experts who fully understand the underlying technology and why scaling is essential to the long-term success of blockchain, but relaying that knowledge to those outside the industry can take thoughtfulness, patience and creativity. Learning what to emphasize and how best to relay that important information is essential for companies seeking to promote their scaling solutions. Here, eight members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share smart strategies for effectively explaining a blockchain scaling solution.

9 tips to help crypto companies choose and succeed with a banking partner

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Before reaching out to a potential banking partner, it’s wise to know both what they can offer and what they’ll expect. Choosing the right banking partner can be a particularly tricky process for a crypto or blockchain company. While there are many options in the market, only a few will possess the experience, commitment and risk tolerance companies in a young and tech-forward industry need. And simply making a choice won’t seal the deal: Crypto and blockchain entrepreneurs must have the detailed information banks will demand at their fingertips and be ready to reciprocate the transparency they themselves expect from a financial partner. There’s a lot of homework to be done before beginning any sort of outreach, so knowing what to look for as you begin the research is a helpful head start. Below, nine members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share their advice for crypto and blockchain companies that are beginning the process of choosing a banking partner.

AI meets blockchain: Revolutionizing smart contracts and cryptocurrency


The confluence of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology is paving the way for more intelligent, secure and streamlined smart contract ecosystems.

10 important social media ‘don’ts’ for crypto and blockchain companies

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Bad social media habits can do damage not only to your project and company’s reputation, but also to the burgeoning crypto industry as a whole.  Businesses across industries invest a lot of time and resources into building and cultivating their social media presences because of the big potential ROI. Social media marketing is a tool crypto and blockchain companies are quick to leverage — social media platforms offer a variety of audiences, prebuilt communities and global reach.  Still, it’s all too easy to make missteps in social media outreach, and an ill-considered post can go viral (in a very bad way) in an instant and cause lasting damage to a brand. Below, 10 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss some social media practices that crypto and blockchain companies should avoid and why they’re so problematic.

10 ways communities can attract Web3 businesses to set up shop

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Attracting Web3 businesses will take a blend of traditional strategies and a commitment to helping the industry develop a firm foundation.  Local communities are always in the business of attracting businesses. A diverse foundation of companies in a region brings many things with it, including new residents, higher tax receipts, and more and better educational, recreational and health amenities. Forward-looking communities may well be looking for ways to become magnets for the next generation of tech businesses, including blockchain and crypto firms. As pioneers in the space, the members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle know exactly what the industry’s entrepreneurs are looking for. Below, they share 10 tips to help community leaders persuade Web3 businesses to open their doors in their locale.

11 ways crypto leaders are working to build trust in their market

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Blending strong customer service with a commitment to transparency can help new and growing crypto businesses earn market trust.  Gaining market trust is an early hurdle for any new company — gaining market trust as a new company in a new industry is an even bigger challenge. Those new to the crypto industry can be wary because they’re still learning its complexities and technologies, while those who have been in crypto for a while place a high value on transparency and community. According to crypto leaders, combining robust customer service with transparency about their work in an ever-evolving industry helps earn the trust of customers and colleagues. Here, 11 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle share specifics about what they’re doing to foster trust in their unique missions and work.

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Currency Hub specializes in blockchain and cryptocurrency products and services. It is home to the following cryptocurrency related products and services. • is an active Block Producer for the FIO DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Consortium), providing reliable, resilient and secure platform designed to meet the technical demands of validating blocks via the FIO protocol. • CoinMonster.Store is a leading crypto-focused e-commerce store. • is a non-custodial cryptocurrency trading platform. • provides a detailed analysis of cryptocurrency markets. • is a informational website focused in bitcoin, blockchain and technology.



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