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Dr Amber Ghaddar is a serial entrepreneur in Web3.0. She founded AllianceBlock in 2018, where she’s building a new framework bridging traditional finance with DeFi, with a strong focus on compliance to regulations. She also founded the 200 billion club, an accelerator focused on financing women led startups with more than 50+ VC partners. And finally with Ann Copens she is building one of the first extended reality nations, My G-Nation, where she is Chief Meta Economist. Prior to AllianceBlock, Amber was a bond trader covering central banks and banks treasuries at JP Morgan London where she held various leadership positions. Amber started her career in Global Investment Research at Goldman Sachs London, and moved from there to the Cross Asset Solution team at JP Morgan London in 2012, where she headed the UK Private Banks Cross asset solutions. She then led the Macro Systematic Trading Strategies team at JP Morgan London, focusing on fixed income dynamic risk premia trading strategies. Amber is the mastermind behind participative capitalism and calibrocracy, and has been invited to world class events (Davos, TEDx, UN Women, Financial Times...) to give talks on the subject. She is a guest lecturer at EDHEC Business School in Nice (10th Business School in Europe) on the subject of fintech and cryptocurrencies. She is a recognized voice in the field where she's been quoted on CNBC, Bloomberg, Forbes, Nasdaq, BBC and other media. She’s a Fintech Times rising women in crypto powerlist 2020, Innovate UK Fintech Senior Leaders Standout 2021 and Top Women in Crypto 2022. Amber holds a B.Sc in Science & Technology, Three Masters (Neurosciences, Microelectronics & Nanotechnologies, and International Risk Management & Business) and a PhD in Molecular Medicine. She is a graduate of McGill Canada and HEC Paris.


October 6th, 2022

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March 28th, 2022

14 reasons crypto can intimidate entrepreneurs

Better education and expanded support services could draw those hesitating on the sidelines into the crypto industry.When it comes to expansion, the crypto industry isn’t necessarily suffering from a lack of interest. Crypto’s freedom and potential offer a lot of appeal to entrepreneurs. But even those who are natural risk-takers may hesitate in the face of the nebulous nature of crypto, which lacks the regulatory guide rails, long-established professional groups and educational establishment of traditional industries.Pinpointing crypto’s needs and helping newcomers find the direction they’re looking for is a task best tackled by those who have already established a footprint in the industry. Here, 14 members of Cointelegraph Innovation Circle discuss the issues that may be keeping newcomers to the industry from jumping in, as well as what can be done about it.




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