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Through creativity, innovation and persistence, Amanda Whitcroft has made an indelible mark at the intersection of technology and Hollywood. She is co-founder and CEO of Project Panda, a Web3 agency focused specifically on building the future of blockchain technology with top entertainment brands and creators. After working her way up from the agency mailroom, Whitcroft stepped out on her own to launch Panda PR & Marketing. Leveraging almost a decade of experience in Hollywood, both in front of and behind the camera, and her success with managing A-list talent, Whitcroft represented clients across the sustainability, healthcare, technology, and lifestyle spaces. As CEO of Project Panda, Whitcroft uses her knowledge of the inner workings of film and television to not only move celebrity projects forward, but also to be an outspoken champion for the underdog. She actively speaks on the convergence of Web3 and entertainment, with an emphasis on how Web3 can revolutionize the current structure of entertainment. Whitcroft completed ECornell’s Blockchain Fundamentals certificate in 2020.


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Project Panda

Project Panda, a Web3 agency creating the future of blockchain technology with top brands and entertainment entities, was founded in 2022 by Hollywood industry veteran Amanda Whitcroft and Blockchain and crypto enthusiast Lauren Wert. Through Project Panda, Whitcroft and Wert are on a mission to decentralize the power in Hollywood—and to return the rights and ownership of an artist’s work to the creator. Project Panda counts Les Borsai, co-founder of Wave Financial, among its early supporters and investors. In addition to being the official agency for Cardano, Project Panda is focused on developing various partnerships and supporting clients including Project Venkman.


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