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A publicist working within the tech, crypto, and healthcare verticals. Bringing a decade of experience in brand strategy and production, Amanda prides herself on being the creative engineer for a brand with purpose. She developed her passion when launching the careers of actors from off broadway productions to network television series as well as helping to raise funds and celebrity awareness for various cancer organizations. She believes in approach as opposed to a built in network to create productivity. Regardless of industry, Amanda is able to be a chameleon when approaching the market and strategy to produce results. With this in mind, Amanda is currently preparing to attend law school. Panda PR continues to create the opportunity for limitless efforts with attainable and realistic goals.


  • Networking
  • Sales
  • Organizational & Writing Skills


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Panda PR and marketing

Established in 2018, Panda PR is a full-service, boutique agency serving clients across healthcare, crypto, hospitality, and tech. We offer a mix of communications disciplines - public relations, influencer and celebrity solutions, events and partnerships, and more. Panda PR is committed to adding a new conversation into the mix through unique and unorthodox efforts that derive from a team of tenacious and creative minds.


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