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A community of changemakers on a mission to advance blockchain technology

Cointelegraph Innovation Circle members get the exclusive opportunity to:

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Reputable connections

Cointelegraph Innovation Circle provides a secure environment for blockchain leaders to meet and have important conversations about blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, alternative assets, NFTs and Web3.

Through an environment of open communication and trust, our members are able to more effectively grow their businesses, make real connections with industry insiders, surround themselves with driven individuals who are committed to change and create a meaningful impact on the world.

Conversations cover a wide range of ideas around challenging convention, transforming security, setting standards and empowering users to control their money, data and identity.

Ultimately, we are changemakers on a mission to advance blockchain technology.

We are committed to building stronger connections and fostering collaboration because we believe the human element is a critical key to success to building a more equitable world.

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Publish on Cointelegraph

Make a meaningful impact on blockchain thought leadership when you publish articles and Expert Panels on

Publication allows you to impact on the direction of blockchain thought leadership. Members are invited to publish their ideas in three ways.

Write full-length articles with your byline on to highlight your expertise and amplify your authority.

Contribute your quick insights to Expert Panels – editor-curated roundup articles based on insight gathered collectively from the community with a shared byline.

Publish press releases through our extensive network of press release sites to share what’s new in your business and increase your impact.

Cointelegraph Virtual Events

Virtual events

Every month, Cointelegraph Innovation Circle brings together like-minded industry leaders to connect, explore new ideas and get key learnings from the forefront of innovation in blockchain technology.

The goal of our virtual blockchain events is to deepen bonds, collaboratively shape the future and support one another through the quickly changing landscape we’re facing today.

Intersecting with other members helps you chart your course for success in a fully interactive setting.

Member badges

Get exclusive web badges to use on your website, newsletters, publications and digital signatures to highlight your professional affiliation and commitment to leadership.

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Executive Profile

Executive profile

Expand your reach with a public-facing page on Cointelegraph Innovation Circle that showcases your bio, company info, preferred social media and articles you’ve published on

Intuitive portal

Use our intuitively-designed portal and personalized home feed to connect with members on shared interests through chat, interactive Groups, member directory and direct message.

Intuitive Portal
Mobile App

Mobile app

Get full access to members and conversations via the app or mobile web browser. It’s the most convenient way to participate in a conversation, contribute to an Expert Panel, make a connection or share an idea.

Editorial team

Get guidance from our elite network of editors with a proven track record for helping members craft publication-ready articles that connect with readers and meet all industry requirements.

Content creation

Let our professional writers interview you and create original articles based on your unique perspective. You retain the full by-line and authorship credit for each published article. Additional fee applies.

Support team

Get live support from our dedicated team of member success representatives who are committed to helping members engage, contribute and make meaningful connections throughout our community.

Luxury Travel

Luxury travel

Get a complimentary membership to EXEC, the luxury experience for business and personal travel and enjoy experiences of a lifetime.

Members get exclusive business and personal travel benefits including highly-curated hotel, transportation, lifestyle and vacation benefits perfect for personal use or gifting to another person.

You also get privately negotiated rates, complimentary elite status, priority check-in, flexible cancellation policies and discounts for leading brands including apparel, fitness, dining and nightlife.