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How to make essential connections to boost your blockchain career

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The blockchain industry is evolving rapidly and growing significantly. As a result, new career options have appeared in the tech and business spaces of this industry.

Although it can be challenging to keep up with trends - which often feel like a moving target - it's important to know how to capitalize on fast-moving opportunities by building up your experience, skills and connections. Invest in your career to stay ahead of the game.

In part 1 of this 3-part series, we looked at blockchain certifications as a way to advance your career and increase your marketability. In this second part, we'll look at how to stay up on trends and expand your professional network. We’ll also provide tips on how to make meaningful connections with other blockchain professionals, so you can get the most out of your networking efforts. Part 3 will look at how to build your personal brand.

Stay up-to-date on blockchain trends

A critical step in advancing your career is to develop a system for staying up-to-date on the latest blockchain technologies and trends. This can be done by attending industry conferences, subscribing to relevant news sources or taking courses.  Professional certifications are a great way to improve and demonstrate your knowledge and validate your technical skills.

Career opportunities can open up in the blockchain industry if you have expansive knowledge about different development tools and keep learning how to use the newest resources. So consider whether knowing software such as Ethereum, Solidity, Hyperledger Fabric and R3 Corda would help you achieve your career goals. Understanding these tools can help you become a more sought-after professional in the blockchain industry.

Make sure you regularly check out websites that provide the latest data and analytics from the blockchain industry. According to Academy, an online blockchain university, several to watch include:

  • Into the Block (uses AI to get the latest information on the crypto market)
  • Glassnode (explore on-chain data and metrics across many blockchains)
  • Lunar Crush (crypto social media trends)
  • Medium (a great place to look for content by people and projects you're following
  • Substack (another independent writing platform used by experts in blockchain)

Other ways to stay on top of blockchain trends include:

  • Following industry leaders on social media, especially Twitter and Medium
  • Reading whitepapers and tech specs
  • Attending webinars and lectures
  • Joining an online blockchain community
  • Attending hackathons and competitions

Whenever you find intriguing, incredible or amazing information, cross-check with other industry publications and leaders. It's just as easy to share false or misleading information online as to share accurate information.

Connect and expand your network

Another important step to advancing your career is networking with top-tier peers. The power of growing your professional network can’t be overstated; it’s one of the best ways to stay up to date on industry trends and build valuable relationships.

Networking and meeting new people are essential for learning about new job opportunities before they even become public. This gives you a competitive edge in the job market. The people you know will always be one of your greatest assets, as they can offer valuable advice, introduce you to potential employers or collaborators and refer you for jobs.

As an established leader in the blockchain industry, here are some strategies to expand and build your network:

  • Make sure your online presence and social media profiles are current, accurate and noteworthy
  • Regularly post thought leader content on well-known online platforms
  • Organize local meetups or join an existing one
  • Present at blockchain conferences and other industry events
  • Attend socials, hackathons and business competitions
  • Join a professional association or organization dedicated to blockchain technology, like Cointelegraph Innovation Circle
  • Follow industry thought leaders and influencers, and connect with them in professional capacities
  • Share your great ideas with influencers whom you'd like to meet. James Altucher suggests developing 10 great, well-thought-out business ideas or solutions, and sending them to influencers you'd like to know better. Don't ask for anything. Just offer the ideas and say, "They're yours to use, if you'd like."
  • Collaborate on projects with fellow professionals
  • Build relationships with investors, advisors and other blockchain influencers
  • Actively seek out opportunities to learn from experienced professionals in a face-to-face setting
  • Make short-term connections in order to access new resources or gain access to industry events
  • Use social media platforms to reach out to individuals with whom you can make mutually-beneficial connections
  • Develop a system for maintaining long-term relationships and connections. Set a goal of staying in touch with at least one person from each event or meeting you attend.

By building strong relationships with other experienced professionals, you can gain access to valuable resources and advice that will help you advance your career quickly. From job opportunities to funding options, having trusted contacts within the industry can be incredibly beneficial.


It is important for your career path both to stay up to date with current trends and tools in the blockchain industry, and to ensure that any networking opportunities you take on are meaningful and productive. Don't be afraid to seek out people with established positions in the industry, as these individuals could become mutually beneficial connections and maybe even collaborators.

Remember that it’s not just about what you know; it’s also about who you know. Grow your professional network to advance your career in the blockchain industry. Take advantage of every opportunity to make meaningful connections, invest in yourself, take initiative and be persistent — these are the keys to unlocking your full potential in the blockchain career space.

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