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How to use social media to educate blockchain novices

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As an executive or owner of a blockchain company, you know the ins and outs of your product and the blockchain industry itself. 

However, the challenging part comes when you need to explain what your product is or the ins and outs of the industry to someone who has no idea what blockchain is or why it’s important. That’s where a sound social media marketing strategy comes into play. 

Learning about the different ways of leveraging social media as a blockchain marketing tool can help propel your business and, by extension, the blockchain industry as a whole, to the next level. Not all social networks are created equal, though.

That’s why it’s important to research and understand your target audience while maximizing the performance of your content for each platform. Let’s explore the benefits of using social media to educate blockchain prospective clients and customers who may not know much about it yet. We'll also look at which social platforms may be best, and some approaches to doing so. 

The benefits of using social media to educate blockchain novices

Social media is a powerful marketing tool for every industry. This is especially true, though, for the blockchain industry because the majority of your target audience spends copious amounts of time online. 

The benefits of implementing social media into your blockchain marketing strategy include:

  • Awareness/Education: Through various types of content such as long and short form videos, articles, etc., it’s easy to show newcomers the ropes for this industry. You can also engage in a conversation publicly, which helps novices understand certain aspects of how blockchain works.   
  • Advertising: Using paid social ads can be an effective way to reach newcomers to the blockchain industry. However, as we’ll mention later, this tactic needs to be approached with careful consideration.
  • Developing a community: Through education, you can start to establish yourself as a leader in the blockchain space. As you get more involved, you may start to build a community where you’re the trusted source for all things blockchain, crypto and Web3. 

Which social media platforms are best for educating blockchain novices?

With so many social platforms available, from Twitter to Discord, it can be hard to know which are useful for your brand and goals. The key to using social media as an educational instrument is understanding where the people you want to target spend their time. 

Let’s dive into a few social platforms so you can understand why they are beneficial for blockchain and crypto education depending on your target audience: 


Sharing blockchain is not just about educational content but also news. With a global reach of 395.6 million users, Twitter is at the center of what’s happening and still has plenty of loyal followers. With the power of hashtags, groups and now Twitter Spaces, you can engage in more inclusive conversations from crypto to gaming to entertainment and more. The creators you follow can now get tips in the form of crypto for their content. 


Blockchain (plus crypto) prides itself on anonymity, privacy and security. Unlike platforms like Twitter which require name, email and other personal information, Reddit only requires your username and email. With over 1.7 billion visits in May 2022, Reddit is one of the most viewed websites online.

There are more than 500 crypto and blockchain subreddit communities, but the top places to source information include the following: 

  • r/Ethereum 
  • r/cryptocurrency 
  • r/bitcoin

Groups like these are where crypto started. Satoshi Nakamoto started Bitcoin on a forum.


Amidst split opinions on the possible use of crypto on Discord, one thing’s for sure — Discord has a massive community of crypto enthusiasts, from novices to advanced users. It’s evolved into a community for more niches like blockchain with over 140 million monthly active users (MAUs)

Blockchain, crypto and Web3 projects (NFT brands like depend on Discord for deeper user insights, support and education as well as building and maintaining communities. Its most popular crypto-related server, Wallstreetbets, has a following of almost 600,000 and an even bigger Reddit following with 12.9 million subscribers


Another open-source instant messaging tool that prides itself on having the best privacy and security is Telegram. Built as an alternative to WhatsApp, Telegram is an environment that thrives on private, encrypted, secure communities for deeper niches, connections and security, of course. 

With even more users than Discord, Telegram comes in with more than 700 million MAUs. Several crypto projects use the tool for focus groups with several groups of different people, with the capability to have up to 200,000 subscribers in one group.


This media giant with 2.1 billion global users has everything, including crypto. Crypto projects rely on YouTube to market their projects with infographic videos. YouTube is also a hub for connecting with billions of fans and skeptics alike, sharing bite-sized knowledge, and holding webinars to connect deeper with people. 

Educational, long-form content is YouTube’s M.O., making complex topics like blockchain great for deep diving on this platform.

How to use social media to educate blockchain novices

People are skeptical about blockchain and crypto overall because they simply don’t know enough about it and don't have practical examples. This is where you can make blockchain relatable by providing real-life examples and applications.

To make the most out of your social campaign, make sure to:

  • Research, investigate and help others get excited about learning about blockchain technology.
  • Break down concepts and explain them in layman’s terms. 
  • Let others become part of the conversation; engage with them, and learn together.
  • Understand and share the benefits of blockchain, where it’s lacking, and the implications.

The difficulties of using social media to promote blockchain projects

Platforms like Facebook used to be wary of publishing ads revolving around crypto and blockchain due to the lack of regulations. However, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, recently changed their stance on the matter. While social media ads are now becoming commonplace in the blockchain industry, you should still proceed with caution. Another approach to using social media ads is through the use of influencers.

Influencers lead through persuasive storytelling with loyal followers, allowing you to tap into even more audiences, including Gen Z, millennials and other generations. You can even pay them in crypto. 


Social media can be used as a powerful tool not only for marketing your product or service but also for educating blockchain novices. Through the use of platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, Discord, Telegram, YouTube, you have the ability to spread awareness and educate the masses on the industry, develop a community and much more. 

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